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BTD Battles – Best Cannon Tutorial EVER!

Superjombombo3 –
I play other games on this channel!
SuperScienced –
I make animated videos about awesome science topics!


How do I record? Watch my video tutorial –

If you’re wondering why my screen looks different than yours. It’s because I have an ipad, not a phone 🙂

Possible Outro Music –

My animator for my Superscienced channels also makes some of the thumbnails. Check him out here –

Note: I do not have time to play with all of my subscribers. If I spent 5 minutes playing every subscriber it would take me a few years…. straight, with 0 sleep just to play with everyone. Sorry 😛 I do have livestreams every friday at 4:00 US central time where I play my subscribers! 😀

Video transcription:



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