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Board Game Breakfast LIVE! (Aug 20)

This week’s episode of Board Game Breakfast Live is sponsored by Boss Battle!

Contest: Two copies of Boss Battle base game with all unlocked stretch goals (open to all entrants located in US, CAN, EUR, CHINA, and AUS )
Duration: Midnight EDT on 8/26
Contest Email Subject: Boss
Question: Please answer what is the last phase of a round? Find answer on the kickstarter page below.

When you feel the need to munch
On your Cinnamon Toast Crunch,
Wake yourself up with a spritz,
Organize all of your chits,
Talk some shop and have some fun
(But not move around a ton…)

None of it gives you that kick?
Well, friend, here’s a little trick:
The way to wake up and thrive
Is our Board Game Breakfast Live!

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