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Best Build Knight Witcher & ANTIMAGE 3 STAR | Auto Chess Mobile Gameplay #16

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Video Tutorial Cara Main Dota Auto Chess Mobile:



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Cara Main Auto Chess

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The new popular genre of DOTA AUTO CHESS is now available for Mobile.

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Video transcription:

Moshi – Moshi TwitchLet's check the mail and open chat roomOkay i don't understand…..

Let's playThey have same icons, i think it's Timbersaw..

Luna, Alchemist..Omniknight and myself is Chaos KnightGimme good items please..

AM??? I want to make AM ( Taboo Witcher ) 3 STAR thoughbecause it's cool and he become like angel and has wings, i try too..IDK if i can..

I should take the warrior though because it's wiseNice.. More itemsI confuse which one should i take, okay.. let's take axeLet's take out the Axe and put in the tinker also give items to my unitsLet's keep him firstOkay you cannot use skill because of my mana breakIf i can i want to play demonsLet's go.. Okay goodbye Axe*Checking the Clockwork skills*Alright, 2 STAR Batrider ( Frost Knight )come on give me TB because i want to play the demon synergyit's kindda awesomeBurn more manaaaaaaI think his movement is delayedLet me put in the Evil Knight / Abbadonthis is better though let's seeokay what I know for sure I'm like
lacking DPS I need DPSLet's try to move this, 2 mechs and knightsThat's good.. i still winlet me continue my winning streaklet's try to fit in the omniknightOkay let's burn sama mana and finish himnice niceOmniknight is nice because he heals my AM, i need TB so badLet's keep the SF firstShould i keep 2 mechs or i go 4 knightsinstead of 2 mechsGimme items game, no love for me :(Let me re roll one time only let's seesee what we getnothing okay stopthen I continue to save my money my gold, it's better to save goldLet's see what the others are going forokay so far I'm okaywhoa or notttttttttttttokay I'm not okay LOL XDLet's level up to have more advantage than these guysi want some advantage ( more units )4 Knights and 2 HumansLet me roll onceIt's time to throw away the tinkerWoahh the troll build ( Glacier Clan ) is scarylet's arrange our formationI cannot take out my mechs for now because the other 2 tanks are not 2 STAR unitIf i manage to get them to 2 STAR i will take out the mech and put in the soul reaperLet's give these items to AMIt's time to take out these guy and put in the NecrophosOkay i have +3 Interest because i have 30 Goldokay goodOkay take the DOOMGet the luna and save it first in case i go 6 knights2 STAR SF ( Shadowfiend )okay I know what I'm going for since I
have kunkka might as wellmight as well I go three warriors yeplet's save the trollLevel 8 and 9 i will put in the troll and doom, going 3 warriors for DPS alsoyepAM is good because he keep mana burning the enemy, okay buy EXP once..I have 50 gold now, i have 5 interest so i can level up fast.*Checking others*These guys are scary obviouslyNo item and no love for me this round :(Oppss sorry the music..This guy is strong because he all in spending his goldlet's put the troll and give him the itemLet's take the Abbadon / Evil Knightnow that i have DPS, i don't have to worry now.So that's how i transition in this game guys, after i take all the tanks / knight thentake the DPS because I realized that I
lack of DPS and I have this guy to heal meLet's try to level up fast and i don't want to lose against these guyslet's play a discipline game get gold
at 50 and level up because that's howyou win the late game you don't want to
keep rolling the piece until your moneyis gone it's not goodwell have so many summons3 STARS OMG, so tanky and he take over me. Let's try not to lose to himhey remember lose one or two round is
okay don't be a hothead and keep rollingone guy is out alreadyI know I know that there is two demonson the board but I think there is no
better option than DOOM at this stagemaybe I throw away the CK if i got Dragon Knightokay since I'm level nine now I try
rolling a bit I have to get three stars units toolet's keep like this and let's see the
situation thoughokay i have to surviveGood i get 2 stars DOOM, let's get my money at 52 I don't want to spend everythingI still have one star CK though, please game gimme some upgrades :(maybe I put him next my last pieceDoom is strongKunkka carry my game, good.Maybe i put in TB even if it's just one star*LAGGING*gimme good items please :(yeah uh no needokay
I think I put in the TB last piecebecause I want the two of my demons
have PURE EXTRA DAMAGE but let's seeLet's see how it goes, also extra DPS doesn't harm meIt gives me more advantageThat's scary though..

Let's keep our gold at 40 and not spending like thatPLEASE GIMME AM 3 STAR GAME :(I LOVE YOU GAME, SO COOL!!!!!with the wingsLet's own them!!I don't need anything else i thinkso my late game i have 4 Knights and 2 Witcher, the 2 Witchers are good becauseAll friendly demons have their EXTRA PURE DAMAGElet's let's beat him I think I win this
game obviouslyi should be winning this gameyeah get the 3 STAR batriderLet's beat him with STYLE :3hey this is my final units you can see
the synergy guys4 Knights, 2 Witchers, 1 Demon, 3 Warriors, 2 Glacier Clan, 2 Undead and 2 HumansWhat do you think about my build, it's cool rightyeahThat was a good game, GG guysI like the build so muchThe game is still in beta and people already try hard for the ranksPersonally i casually play this game..

Yeah got 5 candies :3Arigatou Gozaimasu for watching my videoLike, Share and Subs to my channel thanks guys :3I will keep updating to you with Interesting Build Combo Strategies everydaySayonara!


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