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BDO: Imperials will never be the same again

The last patch has added a method to pack BDO Cooking Imperials and Alchemy Imperials 10 times faster. This will change the Imperial market massively.



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00:00 Imperials outclass other silver making methods
00:17 What has changed
00:27 How to get the knowledge “Carolin’s Expert Packaging Skills”
01:08 Heavy Duty Packaging Cord
01:34 How much has Imperial silver per hour changed
02:00 Building the model / assumptions
02:53 Daily imperial profit
03:25 How long does imperial trade-in take
04:10 How long does imperial packing take
04:52 New imperial silver per hour
06:20 From now on, Imperials are worth it for EVERYONE
06:43 Side effects: More competition, new routines, changed markets
08:16 Limitations of the forecast
08:26 Discussion – Please leave a comment

Summer’s Imperial Cooking / Alchemy Sheet:

Patch notes of the update that changed Imperials:

BDO Planner:

BDO Dae / Valencia Meal:

Key learnings from the video:

In BDO, Imperial Cooking and Alchemy are now worth it for everyone, even people who do not care about lifeskilling.

To do imperial fast-packing, you need knowledge from Carolin and an item from any Old Moon Manager.

70 – 230 million silver is a reasonable amount of daily profit to expect from imperials on EU in the current market.

It takes about 2 minutes and 30 seconds to hand in Imperials if you have 350 CP and 3 minutes if you have 468 CP.

You can calculate slow-packing time by dividing your number of Imperials by 10. The result is the time it takes in minutes. To calculate fast-packing time, simply divide it by 10 once more.

The example calculations resulted in 1 – 2.7 billion silver per hour profit from handing in Imperials with the new fast-packing method. Of course, it is impossible to spend 1 hour doing Imperials – but this still gives a good indication of how good Imperials are compared to other activities.

If you are not doing Imperials yet, you should start now. Guru 1 Cooking and TET Loggia items are a good initial setup.

What to expect:

There will be more competition at Imperial Crafting Delivery Managers. Come at the Imperial Delivery Reset. It’s at the same time as daily reset and once again every 3 hours.

Consider doing your Imperials in remote places: Valencia City, Duvencrune, O’draxxia. Observe if there is any need to switch to Alchemy or lower-than-guru boxes to avoid competition.

Expect certain prices to increase: meals, subrecipes, ingredients. The profit of cooking for the market will probably increase as more people are buying meals.

We will likely see more changes to the Black Desert Imperial Delivery in the near future.

How do you feel about the update? Will you start doing Imperials now? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Video transcription:


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