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Battlefield 2042 Best Settings Guide (Performance, Gameplay)

Best settings for Battlefield 2042. PC Performance settings as well as gameplay + UI options for improvement. Fr33thy’s config file guide: Stodeh mouse sens guide:

Intro 0:00
Gameplay Settings 0:52
Sound Options 2:00
Persistant Data Error 2:47
Minimap settings 3:13
HUD + Kill log 4:11
Display settings 4:44
Aim settings 6:36
Config file 8:11

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This channel is all about snipers, sniping and FPS shooters! I mainly do Battlefield 2042 Sniping but I also play Call of Duty, Battlefront and I love Battle Royale. I often play solos, duos and squads on my livestream. I have 1000 hours experience in every Battlefield and I hope to play more FPS games in 2020. I hope you enjoy my 2042 sniper gameplay as much as I do making it.

Video transcription:


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