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Balls Break Bricks – Puzzle Game Entertainment level 13

Introduce → Balls Break Bricks: Puzzle Game Entertainment:

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⃰ Balls Break Bricks is highly anticipated arcade game filled with endless charm and brilliantly designed levels. With new power-ups smartly layered onto the classic gameplay, Break Bricks is more challenging and engaging.
⃰ Familiar to play, yet hard to master, Balls Break Bricks brings fresh challenges and unanticipated obstacles to breakout hunter age players around the world. In this entrancing game of skill and spatial awareness, it is your job to destroy all the bricks. By using the walls to try your best to ricochet the ball against the bricks and knock down them to extinction

How to play Balls Break Bricks:

⃰ Find best position to deal damage to bricks and break bricks.
⃰ Fire a ball with a touch.
⃰ Damage the bricks with the ball.
⃰ Bricks are destroyed when its durability decreased to 0.
⃰ Break the bricks and never let them hit the bottom.
⃰ Break all the bricks to clear the stages.
⃰ Enjoy the unlimited gameplay with tons of modes and stages.
›››› You Win. Is it so easy?? Download and install now ‼‼‼


⃰ Free and Easy to play.
⃰ Endless game play.
⃰ 9 cell mode mode supported.
⃰ Tablet device supported
⃰ Low-end device supported
⃰ Easy to play, Simplest game system, Designed for one handheld gameplay
⃰ Off-line (without internet connection) gameplay supported.

Wellcome to Ball Break Bricks

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