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Baldur’s Gate 3 Patch 4 Drow Druid Walkthrough – EP38 – Mother

Now that the goblin threat is over, it’s time to explore the Hag’s lair. It is still not possible to cast Create Water on Mayrina’s cage nor extinguish the flames with ice.

“Gather your party, and return to the Forgotten Realms in a tale of fellowship and betrayal, sacrifice and survival, and the lure of absolute power.

Mysterious abilities are awakening inside you, drawn from a Mind Flayer parasite planted in your brain. Resist, and turn darkness against itself. Or embrace corruption, and become ultimate evil.

From the creators of Divinity: Original Sin 2 comes a next-generation RPG, set in the world of Dungeons and Dragons.”

00:00 – Pet/summon can equip gear (bug)
02:02 – Riverside Teahouse
02:39 – Entrance Gallery
14:24 – Beyond the illusion
16:39 – Masked people fight
21:21 – Overgrown tunnel
27:50 – Sister of the Seeing Pearl fight
35:05 – The aftermath of the battle
39:07 – Acrid Workshop
42:10 – The fate of Mayrina and Connor

Patch 4 – Drow Druid – Walkthrough:

Patch 4 – Human Ranger – Playthrough Highlights:

Patch 4 – Tiefling Warlock – Playthrough Highlights:

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Video transcription:


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