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Ayakashi Gentouki [妖幻灯記 ] Game Sample – PC/Doujin

Ayakashi Gentouki is one of MANY Fighter Maker games made with the Fighter Maker engines (in this case, FM2K or 2D Fighter Maker 2nd)…if you are not aware, there are a HUGE list of games made with various FM engines out there, and for a long time, they were very popular in the indie/doujin scene, as people used them to test their skills, or in some cases, to show what they were capable of. One major example of what can be done with the FM engine can be seen if you look up a game titled “Vanguard Princess”…while games like that are pretty rare, there are a variety of cool FM games that are readily available…some may not even look like they have potential (for example, a game titled “Booby Tales”), but beyond the wacky screenshots of some FM games, lies some decent animation, game mechanics, so on and so forth. Ayakashi Gentouki is a fair game and totally playable and it is a decent showing of what the FM engine is capable of, despite being in the same sea as a huge number of other FM projects.

Really, one of the only truly distinguishable traits of AG is the style, that hits you right away…I mean, visuals are some of the first things we see, in some cases, even before we hear intro jingles or sound effects. The animation is basic in the game, but the game has a certain charm visually because the game uses sepia tones throughout the game…as some have stated, it kind of makes you feel like you are fighting in a painting. Also, the tones help one feel the theme of the game a bit more — AG has you control characters based on different Japanese folklore/legend/Youkai (or Yōkai). For example, the main character I used, Kokugetsu, is supposed to be based around the “Dog Demon”. Other characters are based around the nine-tailed fox, kappa, Yuki-onna/Snow Woman/Snow Maiden (depending on how you choose to see it), “kamataichi”, and more…and something about the tones the game decided to use feels “right”, based on what the game is based around.

The game generally controls like many other FM2K games (decent), but there are a couple of mechanics that are not always present in other FM2K games. For example, you can perform a “knock back” if you guard an attack, which helps you to create some distance between you and your opponent (Those who are heavy into games like Marvel vs. Capcom know exactly what I am talking about), and while you can perform special and super cancels (to cancel from an attack into a special or super move), the combo system of the game would be fairly “standard”…a jump attack, a couple of “poke” attacks, standing punch following into a crouching punch, then cancel into a special or super move…however, there is another button used in this game that adds a bit of “spice” to create combo experimentation.

There is a “chain attack” button that can be linked into a jumping attack and it starts off as one hit if you hit the button once. However, after the initial attack, each character has specific “chains” that they can execute after the initial attack. As a generic example, lets say the chain attack button is “Button C”. You could have Kokugetsu jump in with a fierce attack and hit the chain attack button when he touches the ground…then, specific to Kokugetsu, your chain could look like this:

Jump attack + C + A + A + A + A

Or, because characters can do different chains after starting a “chain attack”, it could be:

Jumping attack + C + A + C + Down and C

As you can see watching the video, Kokugetsu is quite combo savvy, so depending on how a “chain attack” ENDS, you can follow up with extensions, based on a character’s moveset. In this case, one of Kokugetsu’s chain attacks ends with him sending the character into the air, which he can follow up with a couple of ground attacks and an uppercut that sends him into the air, followed by an attack addition that allows him to kick and slam his opponent BACK to the ground, allowing for a couple of additional hits that can be canceled into a special or super move! Characters have different priorities (such as faster movement speed, floaty jumps, etc.), so there is a little bit to play around with, making this game have a bit more depth than meets the eye.

Lastly, the music lends itself to the visuals of the game, and (again, not to sound redundant) setting/theme. That all said, other than the animations (which are pretty basic), the game is decent. It has more characters than quite a few FM2K games (some only having 3 or 4 or some others having around 6…more ambitious ones have a lot of characters, but it depends on the team involved and time, etc.), a training mode, interesting visuals and music…it’s FREE…I don’t really have anything negative to say about it. You can get the game at:

Video transcription:


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