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With the Crown Tundra came the addition of a brand new raiding feature called Dynamax Adventures to Pokemon Sword And Shield that allows you to get past legendaries and mode with a higher shiny chance! After much raiding I bring you guys another epic dynamax adventure shiny, an amazing looking shiny Electabuzz! I can’t believe I actually got the shiny from an adventure right after its community day and I love how this feature allows you to get so many crazy shinies and end up with stuff like this! Hope you guys get your shinies soon and under odds!

Hey guys I am a Pokémon youtuber who is currently trying to grow my channel by making the best content I can for all of you, my awesome viewers! I make videos for all things Pokemon which can include Pokémon Go, Let’s Go, Sword and Shield and more! I make videos that range from guides to videos on awesome shinies I’ve gotten! If this sounds interesting to you and you haven’t already, it would be much appreciated if you subscribed to the channel and turned on notifications for some more awesome Pokémon content! Thanks so much!

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