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“ANGRY ALEX” [VERSION A] Minecraft Animation Music Video

Thanks for watching “ANGRY ALEX” [VERSION A] Minecraft Animation Music Video


Rendered with Fox Renderfarm:


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Vocals: Chi-Chi

Chi-Chi’s Twitter:
Chi-Chi’s YouTube:

Music Production: Zachary Preciado, DHeusta

DHeusta’s Twitter:
DHeusta’s YouTube:

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— Video Credits —

— Director —
Zachary Preciado

— Executive Producer —
Zach Belanger

— Layout —
Zachary Preciado

— Animation —
Chandni Meshram
Irwanto Poersul
Jason Lin
Jose Molina
Jose Sanez
Kerry Gautama
Pedro Henrique
Robert Lanning
Scott Smoker
Zack Pearce

— Assets/Rigs —
James Pelter
Seth Jones

— Final Layout —
Andy Gill
James Pelter
Micah Preciado
Seth Belanger
Zachary Preciado

— Lighting —
Alessia Fancelli
Aliel Prates
Andy Gill
Anthony Filipas
Darie Alexandru
James Pelter
Jonas Fink
Marco Capuanello
Ricardo Abrantes
Sukh Singh
Zack Pearce

— Rendering —
Andy Gill
Seth Belanger

— Dynamics/VFX —
Evan Robinson
James Pelter

— Compositing —
Andy Gill
Micah Preciado
Seth Belanger

— Editing —
Zachary Preciado

Produced at EnchantedMob Studios in St. Louis, MO.

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Video transcription:


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