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Anger Of Stick 7: Hulk Transformed AND Pass 3 Levels

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Stick Fight – Anger of stickman – a stickman games. is a fighting game between stickman heroes and dangerous mafia gangs. Alone and Anger… Surrounded by hundreds of stickman enemies! Anger of stick – How long can you resist?

Humor and funny animations will raise your spirits
Fun graphics and audio provide an unforgettable atmosphere
Easy to manage, quiet graphics to your taste.
Enjoy beautiful physics and sound.
Use powerful skills to fight off enemies
A real physics based stickman fight game.

Stick Fight – Stickman warriors – Anger is a real shooting action game. The Controls are simple and easy. Shoot down enemies and carefully utilize weapons in order to ensure your continued survival. Stickman warriors get involved in challenging campaigns, Stickman fight use guns to kill, kill hundreds of thousands of special soldiers, destroy all four rods around the eight directions. Numerous weapons are also available to you. Enter the arena and play as an Stickman legend – stickman legacy. Stickman revenge must fight against your opponents. Stickman fight must have no mercy against them.When playing the game also need to have tactics, because the later the enemy out as fast.

How to play Stickman warriors:
– Use martial arts and guns to kill enemies. So easy!!!

Download and Blast away endless hordes of enemies in the stickman games. Don’t forget rate for us. Have fun !

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