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An Underwater Horror Game With an Ending SO UNBELIEVABLE I Felt Sadness – Siren Rex Maria

An Underwater Horror Game With an Ending SO UNBELIEVABLE I Felt Sadness – Siren Rex Maria
Welcome to Siren Rex Maria! Siren Rex Maria is an underwater horror survival/exploration game where you play as a deep sea diver exploring a ship that mysteriously sunk in the 1940s. Let’s play Siren Rex Maria!

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About Siren Rex Maria:
Siren Rex Maria is an immersive game balanced between Horror and Exploration.

It takes place in the wreck of a cruise ship from the 40’s. Your goal as a diver is to discover the mysterious cause of the sinking. But like everyone before you, you weren’t ready to face what’s inside… Who’s inside? What’s inside? What’s real?

You’ll have to search for clues, hide and explore breathtaking environments while you’re slowly sinking into the depths of your own consciousness.

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Video transcription:

All right.Siren ex Machina.I mean, Rex Marina Maria, this is a
first person horror game set underwater.Perfect.For me, you know, I'm going to be honest.I think every day I start to
realize more and more that I haveThalassophobia is getting bad in any
case that ship right there, that onethat sunk in the forties mysteriously.I'm a diver.I don't know what time period
I'm in, but I'm going to bediving down into the depth.To find out what happened.This apparently is extremely
well developed and it's availableon Itchio right now for free.So our link will be
down in the description.If you want to check it out
yourself, the only problem isI have to play with a goddamn
controller, which I hate controllers.Oh, look at that.Mouse and keyboard does not work yet.Regardless.Tell me in the comments below whether
or not you have Thalassophobia and whythe fuck you're watching this video.If you do, there we go.Oh, different language, but
the hell was that, oh, Ooh.I see rib cages in that.Oh, it looks even bigger to better
cross paths with a German submarine.Okay.Oh, there it is.Oh, all the shit it's darkcalms are going to go down.Good.Yeah.Yes, sir.Okay.Woo.Beautiful.Oh man.It's not so bad.Moving around in here.Up down.Cool.It was a big old pipe.Yeah.I was going to say comms better go down
because I don't think I can pay attentionto the screen and read sometimes.And be distracted by what I'm hearing.Oh.Oh, that does not look good.Get back, get back, get back, get back.Here we go.Calmate got it.Listen.Looks good.It feels okay too, I guess,
because I'm under water.There it is.I'm sorry, what the fuck was that?Was that an audio cue to let me know that
there are no comms or did I see something?Because if I saw
something, I didn't see it.All right.Ambiance is a little weird.I mean, I'm under water.Everything's muffled, right?That doesn't sound good.I'll turn this way.Oh, wow.Okay.A little interactive.I can see why you wanted to do a Ooh shit.What the fuck?Jesus Christ.Okay.Fucking Barracuda looking pieces.Shit.Am I going to do I need to
patch myself up for that?What is this?Oh, it's a suit.And a flair turn object.Okay.Very good.Oh shit.No, I didn't mean to man.God damn it.That's my bad.I can open this door.Yes.Wait, what is it jammed?I missed it.Okay.Do I, I guess I go through here.Can I fit through here?Hey.Uh, acute with a number forged in it.It is probably used to open a
lock on the reinforced door.Okay.So this seems rather, uh, this
seems not from the forties.I mean, look at this.Just kind of want to make
that observation real quick.What.Why did it turn off my hello?Oh, shit.Yeah.It was just starting to remind
me of, um, what was that game?I just recently played.I can't remember.It was like something about, and
towel was what was it called?The one with the angler fish head.That I thought was going to be
a deep sea diving helmet, butit wasn't art storage room.Oh, are we going to find Jack's
painting Gwynnie a French girls.The code shouldn't be far.Oh shit.Interesting assumption there, buddy.How do you know that they
would just leave the code?Am I the first diver here?I'm pretty sure.I'm pretty sure the game page says, yep.There's another dead guy.The page said that I'm not the first.So, you know, if we're making
discoveries here, what's my objective.Find the code.Gotcha.Is it this plus X to hide?Okay.I'm getting 100% vibes from that last
game that I played that I can't rememberthe name of, we were underwater angler
fish had somebody type in the comments.What the hell that game was?Ah, here we go.Easy 4, 0 9, 6.Easy.All right.All right.Nothing's going to
scare me while I'm here.Nothing's going to skew along.I hear it, dude.It's right behind you.Fucking turn around.I'm not, I'm not picking up the keys.I'm just going to go check
where I was just, I just heard.So my assumption is given that
it says siren, you know, probablysome kind of mermaid or something.Oh, it's a key.Did I need, what did I need this for?ACU the number forged in it?Three.Okay.It's probably used to open the
lock and the reinforced door.Oh my God.Fuck.I, I call it like, ah, I hate.I hate that I'm bested by predictability.I knew that was going
to happen every time.There's a goddamn key item.You pick it up, you get scared.And every time it fucking
gets to me, oh, aggravating.Why would the key being the safe
it's like one of the divers came hereand was like, dude, you know, it'd
be really fun to fuck with the nextdiver that decides to come in here.We're going to place the
keys inside lock safe.And make, make them figure out the
code and get the key and go put thekey in this ridiculous locker room.Okay.Maybe it's in here.Oh, fresh diver.That is a fresh diver.Ouch.Why the fuck do you have,
is this what you would wear?Okay.Hold on.What am I wearing?Can I see what I'm saying?What the fuck are you wearing?Like scuba diving outfit, deep sea diving.What the hell is that?Maybe I'm just ignorant
to the, to the field.That's probably just me.Oh shit.Oh shit.Oh, is that a key item?Oh, I can't wait to pick it up all on.Let me explore.Oh, another key.What the hell is this a badge
of British organization?No document mentioned, uh, the
presence of this unit on board.Okay.Well, I want to take it.There we go.That took forever.Okay.So I need four keys.Here we go.Crowbar time.Ah, so strong.This will help move Vince.That's a Crow.Oh, I guess I just have that
universally is now part of it.Body kit, turn on the lights.God dammit.Okay.The fact that I'm not hearing like
music there's barely any, like soundsit makes this, I'm going to be honest,
a little beautiful in the ambience.Cause there's just something incredibly
eerie about being in like a ghostship like this, a dead sunken ship.And there's no sound, nothing, but just
a clear ambience of the water around you.That fucking just gave me chills.Okay.Maybe I have to go in there.Damn dude.You don't have to push.Hi buddy.That thing is okay.Here's my prediction.It's going to get dragged
backwards as I approach it.Nevermind.Jesus Christ getting eaten up
by barracudas in this place.So one of them can sing.That's lovely to know.Maybe I'll catch a tune.Uh, I don't know.Like, I don't like that.I shouldn't be seeing something
like that under water.Right.Ah, of course I have to go in here.It, I, uh, my, can I?Yes.Oh, don't go on that side, man.God.It's so, so easy.Arctic of you it's gone.What could this even be seriously moving?Okay.Who, why do you, why did you
have to say that it's so loud.Oh, there you are, buddy.Yeah.Another scuba diving.We're deep sea man.I should be in like a, the shell, like
print the pressure down here, man.Khan.You can't scuba dive down
here over throw my ass.All right, I'm going to go inside.I'm going to bump into this.Okay.Didn't do anything.I'm so brave.Let's go up and up.You down here.You fuck.Okay.Okay.It's a little creepy.Oh, no light, light captain's office.God damn it.Turn on your light, dude.What the fuck?What the fuck?Oh shit, dude.What is happening right now?Whoa, what is that?What the fuck?Oh, man.Okay.We're dealing with something.Mm Hmm.This is some dark shit.I really, really hate hiding mechanics.Okay.Yeah.I'm not, I'm not, absolutely
not picking up that key.Ooh, classified documents, research
and neutralization unit two breastsHarbor by our men in the June 18th.Between six and seven this morning,
isolation room must be ready.Soldiers will constantly escort the
package and all the ship at any moment.I don't understand what any of that means.God, it's so dark in here.Thank God.I have my Ben Q's screen
bar monitor light Ben cues.Awesome.They actually sent me
these monitor lights.You set on top of your monitor.Turn it on.It's no longer dark.You should probably consider
getting one yourself.Keep yourself safe from the
darkness link in the descriptionand their shit growing around.What are you?Another badge, another badge.Yeah.Okay, I'm just going to take
this because this is a dead end.Anyway.Ah, whatshould I be hiding?Who God?Oh God who God.Yup.Did it break through?I can't tell.So it is a mermaid.I followed the siren song.And now I'm dead.I safe.Oh no, I can't go back.Can I move the door?I can go underneath it.Oh dude.What, what time period do you
think these people were living in?This is not forties attire.Is it?That's not forties attire.Come on, man.Where's the consistency.Oh, oh, wait, how did
I get in here before?Did I go through event?I did.Okay.I should probably go back that way, but
now I can go here another dependent.Oh, what's the time, one
50 old trinket frozen time.I wonder who it belonged to.So one 50 can't tell what I'm looking
at back there, but I guess I can.Okay.So, oh, so back over here is this thing.Going to attack me nowI'd say probably, or as soon
as I move this over the right.Ooh, I fucking golden man.All ready to go headphones.That's fine.It's not attacking me.Whatever it is.Good to know.Oh, my God.Oh, that's your whole maintenance.What you got open?Oh, it's the final key.It's the final countdown.Did I get all the keys?1, 2, 3, 4.Find the last key.Find the code.Unlock the door.Explore.Okay.How much?Uh, whoa, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.Whoa, whoa.I saw all these people.Am I marking this off?I can't tell if that's like
interactable based on the gameplay.I feel like it might just be like,
this is all predetermined stuff.Those are the coordinates of the ship.Maybe objective updated,
unlocked the door.I don't know the code though.Okay.So this isn't just the mechanic
to show scripted events, I guess,take a peek and see where the
Monster's at another scuba diving.Suit's been ripped off.Okay.What is this?Now?There's gotta be something who
call research news relation.I never heard of this organization.Is there a code on this or something?Oh, I can look.A photo is a captain in his crew.The captains body was never,
nobody knows what happened to him.I found him follow the wreck.Somebody.Yeah.Taking days before it's sinking.What a tragic fate that looks like
something out of a rival alienlanguage looks like the Titanic.Uh, the wreck has been resting
at the bottom of the Celticsea for more than 80 years now.How did it stay isolated for so long?Okay.So we're modern day pop, open that vent.Fuck.Yeah, fuck.Yeah.Wow.Have I been here already?Oh my God.Fuck.Dang dude, you pulled that hard.That shit almost broke in the fence.Is this the code?I see something.Here we go.A decree of the Republic.The mobilization of civilian ships
is ordered as well as their crew.The first, uh, the mobilization
is November, Friday, 17.1939 are covered all the ship
with a human and logisticaltransportation, military authority
execution of Ooh, war of the Navy.Ooh, what the fuck is happening?What has happened?I guess what?I've run into a dead end.I'm going to come.Oh, that would be one.That's just open.I think that's fine.Looking through third dancing.Okay.Hmm, Hmmoh, whoa.What the hell?Oh, it's the keys?Hello?Okay.Yes, sir.He, God, I hate the forced movement here.Stop it.And it killed.And what the fuck does that mean?Whoa, it's a soundproof room.Look at that.Whatis she there?What do I do?I unlocked the door already.A category three description.Uh, form difficult to identify
attributes, very high brute mentalmanipulation, visual alteration,
and provocation of hallucinations.Organic locked in a reinforced aquarium.You on first cage with yourself.Second stage second cage.The complete device must
be soundproofed, right?So she's, it's a Cyrus, so, okay,
so it's singing you soundproof it.So it will exactly.Maintained state all the
personnel entering in must wearan auditive headset protection.That's why there's the headphones.There's dead people in here.Cage within a cage.You tried, Hey, listen,
I survived the song.I like to think I did, so.Okay.So this wasn't a Quip and
aquarium as they describe it.So why would you have, where do you
put, I guess you put the headphones onunderneath your helmet when you go in.Oh shit.My light is literally not working.Okay.Well, I'm not following the siren song.I'm just following the light.What is it?A flare?Yep.Yep, yep, yep, yep, yep, yep, yep.Yep.No, no, no, no, no, no, no.Where is it coming behind me?I'm dead.I'm dead.Stop.Stop, stop, stop, explore.Further, further.I don't want explore it further.Stop it.Stop it.Stop it.Oh, just follow the light.You sir.Here we are Shireen Laney.I did.I did I actually go the right way
or is it just like, Hey panic,run to whichever direction.Oh God.Okay.What happened?What happened?Ooh.That's not good.That's not good.I mean, it's actually
taking my son blonde.Just poor diver.Take it.Oh, fuck me, dude.Okay.Now we're in the civilians quarters.Be a lot of bodies down here.There's still more divers.They've tried, man.They just have not succeeded here.Neither have I technically hello?Ah, another hanging person.Holy shit.Okay.Siren.Pretty scary.I'm saving to it.It says top, right?So I know I'm safe at some point.Oh, is it?You is just what you believe
to be, uh, uh, uh, uh, Okay.I get it.I'm losing my mind.I'm losing my mind.I get it.I understand what's happening here.The door is suddenly gone.What the fuck?All this is not good.How many circles do I need to make?Or is there more than one statue before?What the fuck is happening?What is going on, dude?Yeah, dude, this is cool.This is incorrect.Like you wouldn't think it would
happen in this room, right?Cause it's open and circular.Right?Cause you can basically see through it.It's so it's blending so well.Losing my mind.Ah, ah, yes.Ooh, Ooh.I saw this before German badge take it.Music sounds interesting.What does this mission supervisor
Ludwig mission objective inspection, theobjective mission to the facts above the
report to find the mentioned animal inthis report, the M's to locate the place.This sounds dated.Okay.So hallucinations, the paper
did say that it would causeme to see that this is insane.Do you have something on you?What ha we.Dude.Okay.That was incredibly well done.A holy shit.Oh, Nope.Nope, no, no, no.Yeah.Action sequence go, go, go, go down.Wait, what the fuck?Holy shit.What is happening?What?No, no, no, you can't end there.You can't end there.You can't end there.No fucking dude.I was so on board.Is this early access?Hold on, hold on, take a deep breath.I'm doing that.Thanks for playing I'm on their
social media and everything.I don't even understand.I mean, it's in French.I don't understand on the language level,
but I also don't understand what they are,what this company is because this company.Legitimate companies that's I
don't even, I don't understand.It seems like they don't focus on games.What the fuck, what the
absolute hell is happening?This has to there's no,
you can't end on that.You cannot, I cannot allow you to pique
my interest so much in that regardand then completely rip it from me.No way.Absolutely not.Well, I think, I think that's it.Unfortunately.What a well done game.Seriously, this was incredible.Pretty much from start to finish.Uh, I mean, it was a little bit
predictable in the beginning,but I feel like all horror games
kind of lead up that way, but thetwist in the end, I mean, Jesus.Oh.Uh, if you guys don't play
it for yourself, maybe Imissed a bunch of things.Uh, you can do so by downloading
it, uh, there'll be a link in thedescriptions free to play again on itchio.So also if you want to watch
more content head on over to mysecond channel, watch this video.Because there's a lot of shit there that
you might like, but anyway, that's me.I'm out.You guys, you guys have a good one.Don't drown.


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