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Amiga CD32 Longplay [006] Shadow Fighter

Played by: Eino

Hard mode as Toshio. On easier difficulty levels you don’t get to fight against all characters. Was a bit of a challenge to decide what character to play. Was gonna try Cody or Toni at first, but just semi-randomly chose the kid, because he’s only available in hard mode 🙂

SF2 influenced game, but definitely one of the better beat em up games for Amiga. Big list of characters to choose from and the characters are actually different from one another. Not surprisingly the characters are not that well balanced, but decent job considering how many characters and moves there are. Graphics are nice with parallax scrolling and animated backgrounds. IMO special moves do seem to require too precise timing and are difficult to execute. Simple ones that require two directions I managed to do almost every time, but three direction moves sometimes seemed impossible to get right. Sometimes however I managed to do those several times in a row, but at other times no dice. Anyways trying to do the one difficult special move in my characters arsenal made me lose every time so I just gave up on trying that one later in the game. The game is unforgiving on hard difficulty and you can lose rounds after getting hit three times in less than 5 seconds. AI can also be stupid, often running into attacks when no human player would. Tried to avoid being cheap.

Published by Gremlin in 1995. ECS/OCS and AGA versions were released the same year. Unfortunately the only difference compared to AGA version seems to be CD music. The game doesn’t even make proper use of CD32 controller, only one button is used for attack.

Video transcription:


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