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Aery Broken Memories Review

Hello! I hope you’re doing great!

Aery Broken Memories is a new game from EpiXR Games and is a really interesting flying game that’s a follow-up to ‘Aery’ from last year. I never played Aery, and had never actually heard of it… on second thought, maybe I do remember seeing it in the store every once in a while and never gave it a proper look. But yeah, this one caught my eye in the store the other day, and at its 14.99 price point, seemed like something worth giving a try. It’s a lot different than what I would have expected, but mostly for reasons that I wouldn’t have guessed. Like for instance, the music. I would have never expected the kind of soundtrack it had because it doesn’t seem like the usual kind of music for a game where you’re flying as a little bird, but hey I’m not complaining because it’s really nice to listen to. Also, the objective of the game is extremely simple. It doesn’t ask you to do much here besides enjoy the experience of the game, and the tasks at hand aren’t the biggest priority. You can gather all the feathers and move on quickly to the next level, but you can also take your time with it and take in all the gorgeous landscapes and relax if you want. I always gravitate towards games like this one because they’re different enough from the norm, and sometimes it’s nice to not have to be fighting against enemies non-stop or getting upset at Captain SpongePants on Fall Guys for taking my tail in Team Tail Tag even though we’re on the same team.
That being said, I don’t know if I could recommend this one because it doesn’t quite feel like a proper final product. It feels like a preview of what could be an incredible game once it’s polished and cleaned up around the edges, and I’m hoping that’s what the 3rd Aery game will be.

So, I hope you enjoyed the video, and I hope you want to come back for the next one! Until then, take care.
– joey

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