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7 Nobodies Whose Lives Were Ruined by Game Protagonists

Videogame protagonists are big-picture people. They focus on the stuff like saving the galaxy, daring heists, or bringing criminals to justice. But spare a thought for the ordinary, everyday people your protagonists encounter along the way, who have to deal with the unintended consequences of all that reckless heroing.

Imagine you are the security guard on the front desk at the Hall of Records in LA Noire. When two guys show up claiming to be LAPD detectives, don’t show you any ID, then demand to get up to the chandelier, you’re going to help them out, right? What’s the worst that could happen to the Hall of Records’ giant, fragile light fitting?

Speaking of poor security, consider Rickie Lukens, the programmer at GTA 5 Facebook rip-off Lifeinvader. Rickie carelessly lets Michael tailgate him into Lifeinvader HQ, where the GTA 5 protagonist lethally sabotages a press conference. Rickie loses his job and winds up destitute, unless you later pick him for your heist crew. But with those stats? No chance, Rickie.

Any other minor characters caught and mangled in the cogs of videogame heroism? Leave them in the comments.

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