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3DSenMaker Experiment 5-P Dr. Wily Stage, Area 4 in 2.5D version 2.0

After much tinkering and a stroke of luck, I was able to bypass the spot where the game crashes and figure out how to slip past the spots in this area where the game crashes. Thus I was able to get a successful run.

That said…I’ve done all I can with this profile. Unfortunately due to numerous complications, the end credits will remain essentially scrambled after the Robot Master contest winner cast roll. Additional cast and such are unable to be cleaned up despite actually having to start over on this area.

So…here’s the breakdown.

Wily Stage Area 4 (skipping the map cutscene) drops us off in an underground garage of sorts. Cornflower blue machinery with glass tubes overlook green metal walls with computer indicators, intermeshed with a matrix of green pipes. A slow proceed to rapid-fire the Dachome leads to slipping past the cannon and another Dachome after a long fall.

The bottom area features gun-metal grey riveted floors separated by machines and pipework. Dr. Wily’s logo appears extensively during the final hallway.

Here we come up against Wily Machine number 5 (not to be confused with the Wily Press earlier). I’m rather proud of how the 3D of this skull-tank carrier came out. A short battle using Super Arrows later and it’s a long dragged-out fight against Wily’s escape capsule.

Now actually disappearing into the darkness rather than simply hiding in it, this presents a familiar Mega Man 4 scenario and will set the stage for future Mega Man games. Wily doesn’t have an original bone in his body.

With some super arrows to weaken it a little, the battle turns to use of BEAT to finally settle the score.

Once defeated, Wily chews you out for destroying another of his plans before running like a scared coward as the Blue Bomber chases him to the holding area where Dr. Light hangs in a catch.

Wily Dr. Light rescued all that is left is Wily–

Oh darn. Wily sure didn’t get a degree in architecture as his castle begins to collapse upon itself. With only his own strength, Mega Man catches the ceiling as it falls. Ever the opportunist, Wily seizes the moment to run away to his escape pod leaving Mega Man and Dr. Light at the mercy of his crumbling castle. Low and behold a whistle! A section of ceiling blows away to allow Mega Man and creator to escape. (How…the heck does the that ceiling just hover in place for just long enough for both to leave the scene!?! Cartoon logic. That’s how.)

Outside, Mega Man and Dr. Light have made it to a save cliff, far from the castle as it crumbles to dust with Wily escaping. In the corner, Proto Man watches long enough to ensure his estranged family is okay before quietly slipping away.


End credits.

This project was a bear in its final phases as complications were NUMEROUS. But overall it is 99.999% finished. I can do no more.

Cheat codes used to accelerate progress and debugging.

Next project: Mega Man 6! Here’s hoping it goes well.

Video transcription:


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