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3 Simple Ways to Heal a Sprained Finger. (Jammed Finger)

“Famous” Physical Therapists Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck present 3 Simple Ways to Heal a Sprained Finger. (Jammed Finger)

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Video transcription:

Hi folks-I'm Bob Schrupp physical therapist,
-Brad Heineck physical therapistTogether we are the most famous physical therapists on the internetIn our opinion of course, BobThree simple steps oh I only got two fingers one finger three simple steps to heal a sprained finger, there ya goYeah, yeah, so it's a step by step procedureIt works very well every time and Brad have you had these? I've had many of these, oh yeahYeah more so when I was younger. Doing a little more ball playing activities. I got it with basketball all the timeBy the way I had a friend wellWe'll talk about that later because actually fits in with whether or not you should get an x-ray, I knowBut I want to hear about your friendWell he actuallyHe sprained his finger or hurt or jammed it andHe was going into the service so he didn't want to go inFor x-rays in case it was broke and they found out later that yeah, it was splinteredThat will segue into our thing, but by the way if you are new to our channel, please take a second to subscribe to usWe provide videos on how to stay healthy fit pain free and we upload every dayAlso go over to Facebook and like us because Brad all this weekWe're begging people to please like us. We have aAn array of things you can probably just pick up at home around in your houseAnd they're all very useful for treating a sprained finger gotcha first of allSprained fingers are no fun, initially they are very painful almost always and then you wonder is it broke or notOftentimes, then we get a lot of questions on that on the comment sectionAnd you know I don't if this is good news or bad newsBut if it's broke the treatment is oftentimes the same as if it's not, initial treatment. Yeah initial treatment, rightSo but obviously I mean number one if you look at it and it's angulatedI mean, it's crooked. You know I mean, then you should go in, crooked in the way it's not supposed to be, obviously not this crookedLike bent off to the one sideObviously then it may be eitherDislocated or maybe right fractured and I actually had a kid who was playing basketball. I was coachingHe actually dislocated his finger, and his dad just went and pulled it and it straightened out again sure well. That's an optionI guess we're not gonna recommend that. Let a doctor do that. The other thing is if there's a lot of bruisingSometimes that's more indication that something was torn or brokenEither way number one the first step is always the same and that'sRight try to get the swelling down, so I'll go through the three stepsAnd then we're gonna go through the options of how to go through each step, first up is price or in other words rest itIce it elevate it get the swelling downSo the big thing isGet a cold pack on it. It's nice to have a gel cold pack that you can kind of wrap around it. YepI suppose a bag of peas would workYeah, you could use thatBut I think the best thing and this is what I've usedAnd had patients use is get a bowl put some ice cubes in it put some water in itAnd then just stick your hand in it, and it completely is wrapped by cold, pull up an ice cube, so we can prove that there's actually ice in thereYou want to eat one? Well no, but they can't see from there. I know but if I tip it and I knowExactly, anyways it definitely works well. You know 15 to 20 minutes in there is really gonna cool it down and thenYou have my towel Bob? Yeah, and then and you could actually just stick one finger if you want toBecause it would get pretty cold on the whole hand I'm gonna get that out of the way just so we don't have an accidentby the way when I was in school in therapy school we had to dip our whole ankle in aCold bath. Oh sure, ice bath. Yep for a sprained ankle. I had one friend that actually passed outOh really, yeah, because he couldn't tolerate it and for me it went numb so fast. It didn't bother me at allI'm just like what's wrong with you allSo it's interesting, that is an advantage, it cools down quicker. You know 15 to 20 minutes is more than long enoughThat's gonna cool down, help the swelling, and then you want to splint it right step two isProtect it. There is three different waysWe're going to show to protect them the first and easiest way is the buddy splint where Bob has it shown right hereYou simply got you know a good finger hereYou could buddy splint it to either figure on either side of itI get a little more worried when you start using that middle finger BradSo you know it depends which finger's actually sprained is going to determineBut the healthy one right next to it and you can use any kind of tapeBut we use blue tape just so you can see it today,So some strong tape and you could put more tape on than this, but you're gonnaHold them together, and if it's not a real bad sprain that may sufficeAnd you may get through the whole injury just by buddy tape and use a cold pack if it's real severe then you're gonnaBuddy tape and then elevate it, tooSo you don't want to sit in a chair with it down low you want to be some pillows underneathSure, watching TV. Elevated above your heart, so that helps that swelling you know get out of the fingerIt's way downBy the way you can do this on a big toe tooIt's actually the same almost, right I mean the title of it's fingerI know we should maybe put three simple steps to heal sprained finger or toeLook at all the other viewers we'll bring in Brad exactly well more benefit, okayLet's look at the next step is you can just take a popsicle stick. This is a tongue depressorIf someone's you know works in the hospital at your house. You can get a tongue depressorPopsicle sticks works just as good and we actually broke this one so it wouldn't be as longYeah, cuz otherwise it goes down into the palm of your handI mean you could do that if you wanted, but it works betterIf you just simply break the stick and see I'm limited now if you wanted to protect it moreYou could put a stick on both sidesTape this one down, and then I'd put that one and then tape that one down over the topAnd then you got some more protection on itYou know if you're going to school and you're bumping it around a little bit that can help protectParticularly the tip of the finger you can go over the top of the tip because if you got a swollen finger and you bangThat tip of the finger on you know through a door jam or somethingIt's not very fun. So that would be complete protectionVery cheap nice ways to work it and the other way now this isn't so cheapIf you happen to have, this came out of a wrist splintBut you can get finger splints at the not the hardware store, the pharmacyAnd the thing is they're soft metal they're made out of soft metal that you can bendBecause sometimes it's hard to get the fingers straight to splint and you want a slight bend in it cuz it's more comfortable andSo like here. I'm gonna bend thisSo we have a slight bend, and it's comfortable that wayEventually you're gonna want to straighten it outYou know to get the fingers straight, but one way or another you're protecting itAnd I'm not gonna take the time on a video to tape it, but it would be the same taping as thatYeah, I don't think a lot of people realize on the wrist splints and stuff like thatThey do have this moldable metal, that's hard to say moldable metalYeah, and it's soft and you can conform, and yeah, and that's why wrist splintsYou can make it to the point where they fit you better there with theRight material for it alright so after this period of time if it's still really badAnd it's still not bending and stillMaybe you should go in for x-rays at that point if it's not getting better at all, you're talking after you know probablyThree to six days if itContinues the, you should be able to take the splint off and start to move it a little bit more and it shouldBe moving more and the swelling's down and as the swelling goes on moves more, and then if that's going wellThen you can actually kind of help it out with your other hand you're gonnaTry and bend a little bit more at each jointAt each joint move it down the line right and down and once you can start moving itAnd we call this active assistive range of motion or passive range it's kind of in between there and once you could start to doThis without help, then it's time to start strengthening, so we're on our third step well one thingI was just gonna bring up Brad, you know if you're still concerned about being broke. I hate to keep bringing it back to thatA lot of times the pain will not be in the joint it might be in the shaft or in the actualBone itself, if you squeeze on here like this or this or here and here and it hurts there. YepI'm gonna go in at that point. There's that one spotIt's very specific very specific, but it's not on the joint, so that's another good signYep, so on the other hand if it's not and probably most of the time it won't be fractured. It's usuallyIt's usually not and you can start to do thisAnd then you want to get it stronger, so you can start getting back into the gameOr you know whatever activity you're looking at, this should be pain-freeOnce you can get pretty full range of motion, and it's not hurting yeahThen you can go into something like this, and you could just take a balloon or a ball that has some, it's softWe want something that doesn't have a lot of resistance so you can start to give it some resistance andSqueeze there, you can just do one finger the fingerThat's sprained, or you can help it out and do the whole fist together, and then work it to the one finger andOnce that gets too easy you're gonna do this you know for 10 to 20 reps ifThat gets too easy, and you're squeezing in it pretty deep then you might go to a ball like thisThis is one of those squish balls that has the goo insideAnd you're gonna go to a little more resistive balland you might even get aBigger diameter ball nerf balls work really well this one's pretty stiff so this oneYou're gonna use when it's pretty strong alreadyI mean coming down to the end of the rehab the strengthening aspect of this whole rehab andOnce you're at that point you get back in the game and you can do general mobility exercisesToo like you can take it and touch your thumb to each fingerThat's a nice one to do, and then the tabletop up to the claw the tabletop up to the clawThis is some real therapeutic type programsSo those are just some good ones to do work with too, so you go one two threeYou know within a week or two hopefully you're back in the game shooting hoops. There we go. Thanks for watching


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