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[2] XCOM 2: The Clone Wars ~ The First Jedi (Happy Thanksgiving!)

The Republic has been at war with the Ascendance for over a year and the war has reached Earth. The Ascendance have scattered the Republic’s fleet and ground forces across Earth and we need to rally them back together to stop them from taking over the rest of Earth. We will have no reinforcements anytime soon. For the Republic!

To join the Clone Legion you must use this as the basic set up please!
Go to Discord:
Go to XCOM
Submit Trooper to “Character Submissions”

My Custom Clone:
Legion: (501st, 212th, 327th, 104th, 41st, 612th)
Designation: (EX: CT-1234 or CC-5678)
Codename: (EX: Mikey, Boomer) [Make it short!]
Specialization: (Rogue, Shock Trooper, Assault, Shinobi, Sharpshooter, Ranger, Gunner, Grenadier, Specialist)
Color: (Optional)
Special Armor Pieces:

Link to My Custom Clone Vid:

Because there are so many people wanting to be Ark Troopers I am limiting the number to 10.
8/10 Ark Troopers made.

Game: XCOM 2
Showing off Clones/Creating them:
Mod List:
Difficulty: Veteran

Video transcription:


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