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Stump your smartest friend with these tricky brain teasers and mind games! If you need a boost of energy when you just woke up, then you’re welcome to solve some of these tricky riddles and puzzle quizzes. Try to use all your intelligence and imagination, and you’ll find the right answer easily!

00:14 – Who is her real parent? Boost your logical thinking and try to solve this puzzle before the time is up 😉
01:43 – A cool eye test that will reveal some hidden features of your personality! Have a look at some optical illusions each person would see in a different way and keep in mind what you’ve seen first. Then wait for the answers to appear. It was all true about me!
03:52 – Test your intelligence with this fun picture puzzle on attentiveness and logic! Can you identify the owners of these cars? Only a person with IQ 130+ can do it, so don’t get upset if you fail.
05:24 – How many kids has she got? Test your attentiveness to the details and boost your logical thinking with these fun puzzles 🙂
06:55 – Test how sharp your mind is with this fun Xmas riddle on crime! You will have to crack a really hard case and find out which of these Santas is the smuggler. Keep your eye out!
08:41 – A nice warming-up puzzle for those who have just woken up and needs to kick-start their brains! The answers to these picture puzzles are really simple and obvious, so if you fail, this means you’re still sleeping Pause the video and grab one more cup of coffee!
09:50 – A fun and cool personality test to try! How many kids will you have? Let’s see! Remember that only honest answers will lead you to the right result 😉
12:07 – Who is the mother? It’s a personality quiz + tricky puzzle to test your logical thinking and get to know yourself better 😉

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS your answers to the last quiz!

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