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12 Smart Brain Games To Increase Your IQ

How To Increase IQ?

Increase your IQ level with these 12 smart brain games! If you love solving riddles then you’re welcome to try out these cool brain teasers. Some of them will be super easy and some of them will make you do some hard thinking 😉 Let’s see how fast can you solve these. Check these riddles out and share your answers in the comments:

00:14 – This is a set of amazing magic tricks that will WOW both kids and adults! It’s not easy to crack them so the secret will be revealed after time’s up. You should definitely try them at a party to impress your friends and turn yourself into the life of the party!
01:49 – Can you find what’s wrong with these visual riddles? Don’t worry if you feel like you need more time to look at these puzzles you can always pause the video!
03:01 – This tricky crime riddle will definitely blow your mind away when you finally crack it! This is not surprising as the poor detective did his best to prevent his message from falling into the killer’s hands. So now you have to turn on your brain to solve the riddle and give the criminal what he (or she!) deserves.
04:11 – Sometimes one simple question may save your life, especially when you’re in the forest alone with a suspicious stranger. You have to be a real quick-thinker and smart enough to come up with this only possible question in a short time (then you might probably be eaten). So, go pull yourself together and turn your brain full power on, your time is starting now! A riddle with answer to boost your brain and logic skills!
06:08 – This heart-breaking video is based on a true story and is usually suggested to students of psychology. It’s a touching story about love and duty and how difficult it can be to make a choice. If you had to take only one option which would you choose? This riddle isn’t an easy one at all, so take your time and do what your heart tells you!
07:13 – Here is a set of funny tricks that will shock you! Try them out and prank your friends and family 🙂
09:46 – A visual puzzle for you to boost your logical skills! Who do you think is lying and why? Share your thoughts in the comments 🙂
10:48 – A trivia quiz for those who think that there is nothing more than some paper and tobacco in a cigarette. I promise you’ll be surprised a lot If it’s difficult even to imagine what it can be, then try to count the number of ingredients while the clock is ticking!

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS which puzzle game was the hardest to solve!

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