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10,000 BULLETS IN THE AIR!!! | Void Rains Upon Her Heart Lets Play | 2 | New Bullet Hell Game

VOID RAINS UPON HER HEART LETS PLAY!! Part 2 – Indie Boss Rush – New Bullet Hell Game – The Void Rains Upon Her Heart is a sick new bullet hell game where you fight randomly chosen boss battles. Each boss gives you random power ups that are pretty awesome. Let’s do this, let’s play the Void Rains Upon Her Heart!!

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Official Void Rains Upon Her Heart Description from Steam

Help her heart battle tough bosses in this Boss Rush, Bullet-hell with rogue-lite elements. Fight through several randomly chosen boss battles leading up to a final battle. Each defeated monster will give her random gifts that power up her heart. Don’t let her heart break!

An alien girl is trapped in a cave and surrounded by bizarre monsters. She cannot fight those creatures, but she can befriend them with the power of love! Every monster will react in its own violent way, but even the most powerful can be swayed by this ultimate power. Every defeated monster will give her gifts that make her love even stronger. Can her love grow strong enough to fend off The Void itself? Or will her heart be broken once again?

Every Battle is a Boss Battle!

This is primarily a boss-rush bullet-hell game. Each stage will present you with a random set of bosses at various difficulty levels. You must choose which battles to face along the way to the Final Boss!

There are currently over 60 unique boss battles available, with more coming in future updates!

Each boss has its own range of difficulty levels with different possible attacks at each level. A level 1 boss can have a completely different set of attack patterns than a level 9 version of the same boss!

They Will Give You Gifts!

After a monster has been defeated by love, it will thank you with a set of random gifts! Each gift will grant her heart an upgrade that lasts for the rest of the run. There are hundreds of gifts to find!
You may not have full control over the gifts you receive, but there are ways to influence the odds in your favor.

Fulfill Your Dreams and Collect Everything!

The achievements in this game are not just for bragging rights. Earning them will unlock new features to the game! New monsters, gifts, game modes, and even playable characters are waiting to be unlocked.


The developers describe the content like this:

– Content Warning –
This game explores some very heavy topics such as anxiety, depression, and suicide. This game also contains scenes of non-sexual nudity.

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Intro Song

Music Provided By Mediacharger:
Music Created By : Lando
Song Title: The Stress
Credit Link:

Ending Song

“Innocence Glitched (Basement)” by Mudeth from the album Antibirth: OST

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