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A yell out to all the robot skipper and the trooper out there who are constantly anxious to battle for their nation, this is an ideal opportunity to hold hands and complete a safeguard city mission.

Flying Captain Superhero robot Crime City Battle is the city safeguard completed all in all by the superhuman contenders, super robot, saint warriors, flying robots and flying robot officer warrior. The flying chief robot has given extraordinary guidelines for the crisis city safeguard operations and the battle occurring against the demise squad. New York City chief saint will be the sole responsible for the stupendous karate battling and Kung fu battling. He has been an unbelievable combative techniques superhuman, Kung Fu Grand legend being a high school hero with super powers and Kung Fu, hand to hand fighting aptitudes. This will be the best superhuman battling amusements you have ever played. Go ahead super fighter, join the disjoined arm men in their main goal.

Flying Captain Superhero robot Crime City Battle is a super fight between the super mechs and the criminal squad. A flying man should be spruced up in innovative suit to go about as chief robot in the US robot fight. Of all the robot amusements, this one will be the best one so far with savage auto pursue, sparing the casualties of unfriendly takeover, perpetual police pursue, sudden police assault on individuals taking an auto. The Special Forces have send wrongdoing contender spruced up as costumed legend having superhuman quality to do city protect operations in this epic fight. The birthplace of legend is obscure yet we know he alongside the flying commander robot will make superhuman names well known in the historical backdrop of super city, city protect missions.

Diversion Features

• Action stuffed diversion

• 3D situations and backgrounds

• Realistic saints and scalawags

• Endless rundown of contraptions accessible to battle

• Smooth controls

Video transcription:


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